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Quality / Warranty


Our grading policy and warranty

  • Items marked as "Brandnew or NEW" are new and sealed !
  • All our other items are used unless stated otherwise.
  • All used media are at least in a good condition and playable without skips, meeting at least average expectations.
  • We do not grade items individually. We often even have multiple copies in slightly different conditions that prevent individual grading.
  • We do not check conditions of discs for every single item. However, if one disc turns out to be of bad condition, you are protected buy our warranty.
  • We do desire not to offer bad quality items (vg- or worse), if this happens, this is not intended. Probably, the item looked good from the outside.
  • Our statistics say less than 1 in 100 items has a condition that causes it's buyer to complain.

Vinyl condition(back to top)

  • Vinyl is 90% (EX,EX+ oder Mint-) or very good (VG+). About 10% might be in a good or acceptable condition (VG or VG-).
  • All records play fine without skipping.

CD condition(back to top)

  • About 20% of CDs are UNPLAYED or even NEW
  • CD cases and Trays may have usage marks like scratches or smaller cracks (not cracked) but are always fully functional. We replace cracked or non functional parts before shipment.
  • All CDs play fine without skipping.

Cover/Sleeve/Artwork condition(back to top)

  • All items have their original sleeve unless NC (= No Cover/Neutral Cover) or FLC (= Factory Label Cover) or other notes are stated.
  • Few (less than 5%) sleeves may have (typically small) optical irregularities such as writing (WOC), tears (TOC), Cut-Outs (CO) etc. If you don't want these please instruct us accordingly.

Give us instructions about your desired quality
(back to top)

  • If you require a certain level item condition, please instruct us accordingly with your order. You may do this individually for disc and/or cover. More details
  • Useful instructions:
    - "Nice items only." or "At least Very Good condition"
    (This is a good solution. It will keep items out of your order that are and look used and not too nice.)
    - "Please no cover irregularities."
    - "Disc at least mint, cover doesn't matter.
  • Not very usefull instructions:
    - "All items as good as possible." (This is irrelevant)
    - "All CDs must be mint." (Use only if you are an extreme picky collector. Even the best CDs have a little mark somewhere. You could hardly be sent anything.
    - "All items like new." (We are a used store).

*** Warranty ***
(back to top)

If the product provided does not fully play or does not meet the above policies, you are entitled for a compensation by either
- a replacement copy
- a price reduction or even
- a full refund.

Customer responsibility(back to top)
The following cases are not covered by our warranty:

  • Cracked CD cases
    All CD cases were fully functional at the time we shipped them. If a CD case arrives cracked, the customer agrees to kindly replace it himself. A cracked cases is no reason for a return or refund claim.
    Due to the low value of a CD case of no more than .20 to .50 US or EUR cents, we call on our customer's courtesy. It would cost us between 5 and 10 US$ or EUR to ship a replacement case. We will be happy to ship a reasonable number of free replacement cases along with a customer's next order.
  • Cleaning CDs
    In case of a skipping CD, the customer should please try to clean the disc with a soft cotton towel before complaining. CDs can also easily be cleaned with mild soap under hand warm water.
  • Skipping CDs
    In case of a skipping CD, the customer should try to play the disc on other CD players first. We can't be made liable for defective CD players.

We do desire to supply only quality products. if you picked a bad disc, we hope you see that this is an exeption and not intended (especially if it was the only item you ordered).


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