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Special instructions


Find the information
you need here :



Search for tracklists and images

Do you need tracklists and other item details ?

nfortunately we're not able to provide you with such additional info (our warehouse is located remotely from our office).


Place an order thru our website and give us instructions like:

  • only if CD has 13 (not 11) tracks
  • only if it contains 'ABC Mix' of the song 'XYZ'
  • only if item is in MINT condition (cover condition not important)
  • cancel entire order if item 123.456 is sold out
  • etc.

*** We will not ship the order or bill you if it ***
*** doesn't meet your wishes. ***

Please note :
This way of handling is only available for used items ! For items listed as "Brand New" it is NOT possible to give such instructions. Therefore you need to be sure to order the item you are looking for !

About item conditon/quality


  • SPEED! You don't have to wait until our your email request is forwarded to our warehouse crew an back.
  • MORE SPEED! We can ship the item on the same day we
    would otherwise only write you an email answer.
  • EVEN MORE SPEED! Our order system works automatically while emails are beeing answered manually. Your request goes directly to our picking list.
  • AVAILIBILITY! You don't risk that the item is sold out in the time between our answer and your order.
  • NO RISK! We never ship orders that don't meet your wishes.

Search our catalog and place orders with instructions here

If you feel your case cannot be handled this
way, please contact us.

Please respect this policy. It is the only and best way we can serve your demand for special infos.

We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to receiving your order/offer request soon.


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