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FAQ Frequently asked questions

Do you work on wantlists ?
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Not yet. We are working on a system that will notify you in case one of your wanted items is re-stocked. But until then, you will have to check our catalog once in a while.

Do you make reservations ? (back to top)

No, sorry. But that should be no problem for you. Let us explain:
Case A: With reservation, we would have to manually pick our stock, notify you of the total and then wait for your payment. This will take about 5-7 days longer.
Case B: Without reservation, we notify you instantly of the maximum total, so you can send your payment and consequently receive your goods earlier.
You see that with case B, you receive your order faster and we have less work in processing.
If you prepaid something that is sold out in the meantime, a cash refund will be included with your package.
Of course it is unpleasant if you prepaid only one item that became unavailable by the time your money arrives. But this only happens maybe 3 times a year, and that won't make us change our whole system, we're afraid.
(Learn more about availibility.)


Why are some prices so high ?(back to top)

In some cases our system automatically calculates the price regarding various criteria. It is a very complex issue which is only refering to about 1-2% of our complete stock.

You might recognize that some of these prices also get reduced very fast as well. We compare a lot of prices with our shopping system and the computer calculates these prices automatically. Although we have many specialists from various musicstyles it is not really possible to know every pice of over 1.000.000 items :o)

This system also only takes place if an item was sold out or never ever before in our database. Through this way we can calculate the actual market-situation.

All in all it is really to complex to vary every item situation, but we hope we could help you a bit with this declaration.


How do I order ? (back to top)

We accept orders through our search & shop system.

Why don't you answer my email ?

We answer every email. But we often have hundreds of mails pending for response. So please allow us at least 24hrs before you send a reminder.

Here are some reasons why you don't receive our emails:
- Spam protection on your side. Please make sure
emails that have *totalrecall* in the sender's
email address get through to you.
- Wrong email address on your side. Please make
sure we have your correct email address. Email
addresses that contain "www" or aol addresses
not ending in "aol.com" are most likely to be
wrong. Please test by writing yourself an email.
- We did not receive your email because you were
using an invalid TOTAL RECALL email address.
Please visit this page to contact us.
Please remember that some of our email addresses
are only for sending out emails. If you reply there,
you message will not be read.
- We accidently deleted your email. Yes, we are
humans and sometimes make mistakes.
Please excuse this rare case and simply write
again, thanks.

If you made sure the problem is not on your side, please
let us know the date and sender address of your email.
This way we can investigate what happened to your original

Thank you,

your TOTAL RECALL staff.


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