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Acid Jazz
LP x 2 ACID JAZZ Compilation: Flying Funk - Flying Jazz Grooves (19 Track Ltd. Ed. 2 LP Set, FOC)
Ultra Heavy Funk And Rare Grooves From Flying Dutchman, Bluebird And RCA
EURBluebird Records0828765154710New (not sealed)3,995,25105051356de uk fr
LP ACID JAZZ Compilation: The Soulciety Funky Family: Blue AlbumGERSoulciety4015434000812New2,493,253201175048de uk fr
LP x 2 ACID JAZZ Compilation: The Soulciety Funky Family: Yellow AlbumGERSoulciety4015434002618New2,493,253201175074de uk fr
12"Booker, Craig D: Keep Going On (Ext. + 3)
+ Waiting For Evelyn - Full Version / Sky Travel - Full Mix & Scat Mix
BETerminal AntwerpTA004New1,792,332301318210
7"Ch3Vy: Hard Massage / Praize The Nord (Incl. Boca 45 Mix)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063892573New (not sealed)0,991,291206697603us de uk fr
LPCharmaine Neville Band: It's About Time (With Reggie Houston & Amasa Miller)
Rattlesnake / Smoother / Activated Relay / Thouqhtless Substantial / Yamantaka (Remeastered) / Humor Me / Cybernetic Catalysm
4015434003912New2,493,253201175060de uk fr
12"Cybophonia: Cut & Paste / Tribute / Harem Ocenao / Je Parl Pà FranséIrma Rec.0352910105505New (not sealed)1,992,592505267431
7"Hardkandy: Three Days (x2)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063893174New (not sealed)1,291,681606697615us de uk fr
12"KIDDA: The Shoe Cash Ep (FLC)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063891262New (not sealed)2,493,253206801751us de uk fr
LPKIDDA: The Shoe Cash Ep (NC)CATP001New (not sealed)1,992,592506781037
LPRad.: RadifiedGERSoulciety4015434000515New2,493,253201175073de uk fr
12" x 2Rad.: Sister - So CompleteGERSoulciety4015434003516New2,493,253201175057de uk fr
7"Sidewinder: Less Than Effortless / Water TowerUKSOMA796122851773New (not sealed)1,291,681606697614de uk fr
12" x 2Steiner, Rubin: Guitarlandia (x9, Incl. Remixes By Ninja Tune & French Friends)FRABMG France0743219665010New (sealed)2,493,253205051434us de uk fr
LP x 2Steiner, Rubin: Wunderbar Drei (12 Track 2 LP Set)FRABMG0743219510518New (sealed)3,995,25105051447us de uk fr
Breakdance / Electrofunk / Oldschool
12" PictureFLYING STEPS VS ORIGINAL STYLAZ: Battle Megamix (Picture Disc, Lim:Ed. 500 Copies)GERFon-Ky0090204963263New (not sealed)6,498,468405325624us de uk fr
Freestyle / Bass
12"DJ Magic Mike: IT'S AUTOMATIC (x2) / Bonus / Back To Haunt You (Ext. Vers.+ 1 Non LP Track !)USACheetah Records0021257950610New (sealed)1,992,592501287587
12"Silent Earth: Slide Into Yellow Dimensions (3 Great Electro Tracks)GER4031851999768New1,491,941900294534de uk fr
Hip Hop / Rap
LP x 2 HIP-HOP / Rap / RNB Compilation: Double Face 5 ( DJ Kost & DJ Goldfingers)
Mario, K-Ci & Jojo, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliott, Kool Shen, Fat Joe, Cam'Ron...
FRABarclay0044006872919New (sealed)3,995,25105054517de uk fr
LP x 3 HIP-HOP / Rap / RNB Compilation: Urban Club Set 1 (J Records, 18 Tracks, 3 LPs)
Eric Sermon, Busta Rhymes, Alicia Keys...
EURJ Records0743219253019New (not sealed)3,995,25105051358de uk fr
12"BLOOD OF ABRAHAM: Stabbed By The Steeple (x3+1, Incl. Southern Comfort)Relativity088561550110New (sealed)1,491,941901287592
LP x 2Bone Crusher: AttenCHUN !USAArista0828765099516New (sealed)6,498,468405085254us de uk fr
LPBoo-Yaa Tribe: West Koasta Nostra (Feat. Mack 10, Kurupt, Eminem,...)USASARINJAY ENT.0632197020914New (not sealed)1,992,592501437537us de uk fr
LP x 2BustaFlex: ECLIPSEFRA0809274675613New (sealed)3,995,25105031353de uk fr
LP x 2Cassidy: SPLIT PERSONALITYEURJ-RECORDS828765701815New (sealed)3,995,25105027331
12"Cypress Hill: What's Your Number? (Double A-Side Promo In Neutral Cover)FRAColumbiaSAMPMS13952New (not sealed)1,792,332305057342
LPDarc Mind: SYMPTOMATIC OF A GREATER ILLUSAANTICON655035506319New (sealed)5,997,817706693316us de uk fr
12"Dj Noppe Said Saeed: Cengiz Khan / Eye Yey (+ Bonus Track, Promo, STC)B52422801New (not sealed)1,491,941905257693
12"El-P: DEAD DISNEEDEFINITIVE JUX600308885561New (sealed)1,992,592506781240us de uk fr
12"El-P: DEEP SPACE 9MM / TUNED MASS DAMPER (Blue Vinyl)USADEFINITIVE JUX600308885165New (sealed)2,493,253206693317us de uk fr
12"Fascher, David: Jingo's Theme (x4+1, Incl. Instrumental & Acapella, DJ Copy, Feat. Mr. Freeman)52313101New (sealed)1,491,941905050085
12"FURIOUS D: BOUNCE YO AZZ GUL (x3+2)USA0693065870116New (sealed)1,692,22201287593
12"Ginuwine: Hell Yeah (Feat. Baby,Main Version & Remix + PONY (Ride It Mix !!!, Picture Sl.)FRASony5099767373064New (not sealed)2,993,93805104857de fr
12"Ginuwine: In Those Jeans (Album / Instrumental & A Capella Version, Promo)USASonyEAS59571New (not sealed)1,692,22205070069
12"HC (Heartless Crew): The Heartless Theme (x3 , Red Vinyl)UK0809274689603New1,491,941900290293us de uk fr
12"Jungle Brothers: We Love The Jungle Brothers EP (33RPM, White Label, NC)GERSWITCHSTANCESW001Sup (not sealed)4,996,516405185381
12"Kali (Hip Hop): Gangsta Gangsta / Oh Yeah / Raize It UpGrooveline4014235780732New (not sealed)1,491,941905054460us de uk fr
12"Koot: Missisipi Soul / Free At Last / KosmosisUK0685738040506New1,491,941900290294us de uk fr
12"Lakaiser, Lex: We Treal (+ Instrumental) / It's N.C. (+ Instrumental)GERDanger LeagueNew (sealed)2,493,253205155834
12"Lil Bow Wow: Bow Wow / Puppy Love / Bounce With Me / You Know Me / This Playboy, Promo)
Feat.: Snoop Dogg, Jagged Edge, Wscape, Jermaine Drupi,...
UKSonyXPR2731New (not sealed)1,792,332305109877
12"Lil' Kim: The Jump Off (Feat. Mr. Cheeks, x3, DJ Copy, Incl. Instrumental)AtlanticPRO3812New (not sealed)1,992,592505071290
12"Lockdown Project: 24/7 (Arkham's Rorschach & Creutzfeld's Disco Remix)UKGRONLAND5037300470245New (not sealed)2,993,93805049444us de uk fr
12"Mario: YOU GOTTA BELIEVE (x3)USANastymix Records0030997400712New (sealed)1,992,592501291387
12"Mark B & Blade: Building A Rep (x3) / There's No Stoppin' It (x3)EURSource0724388946766New1,491,941900290118us de uk fr
12"MC Hammer: Do Not Pass Me By (x3) USA0077771583018New (sealed)1,491,941901287580
12"MC Hammer: THIS IS THE WAY WE ROLL (x4)USACapitol0077771579219New (sealed)1,491,941901287583
12"Mel-low: RETURN OF THE PLAYER (X6) / DON'T LET MONEY CHANGE (x6+1)USADef Jam0098707733611New (sealed)1,491,941901419236
12"Mista Blaq: Parkin' Lot (x4) / Sound Off (x4)USALeonineLEO100106New (not sealed)2,993,93805180824
12" PictureMOISHA: Play The Comedy (x4, Lim.Ed.600 Copies, Picture Disc)GERZYX0090204840779New (not sealed)1,992,592505325621de uk fr
12"MURS: Better Than The Best / Dreadlocks (Promo, PC)PROA102172New (sealed)1,992,592505257346
12"Nappy Roots: Awnaw (x5)USAAtlantic0075678533600New1,491,941900290285us de uk fr
12"NOBODY: Shades Of Orange5037454207179New (not sealed)1,992,592506781043us de uk fr
12"Papa A.P.: Gasolina (Club Dy Bikes Mix + Radio Dy Bikes Mix)GEREdel0162800ERKNew (not sealed)2,493,253205053775
12"Papichulo: A Team (x3) / Papichulo (x3)USAZulu King RecordsZKR20030001New (not sealed)1,491,941905046193
12"Papichulo: A Team (x3) / Papichulo (x3)Zulu King RecordsZKR20030001New (sealed)1,291,681605256884
12"Paul, Sean: Gimme The Light (x4, Promo)
Feat. Busta Rhymes
USAPRO3675New (sealed)1,992,592500260619
LPProfessor X: Puss' N Boots (The Struggle Continues...)USA0731451936012New2,493,253200261968us de uk fr
LP x 2Raptile: Da Basilisk's Eye - Instrumentals (+ Roger Rekless, FOC)EURSubword0743218709616New (not sealed)3,995,25105051362de uk fr
12"RZA: Mesmerize (x4) / Curse: Ich Weiss (x3)EURBMG0743218793912New (not sealed)2,993,93805053773de uk fr
LP x 2Sekta Voodoo: Attitudes...L'Envers Du Decor (FOC)
Cool Freddy Jay Presents
FRAAtmospheriques3296630232110New (sealed)6,999,119005070745de uk fr
12"Spooks: Karma Hotel (x2) / I Believe / YesEpic5099767088968New (cover not perfect)1,491,941905157654de uk fr
12"Sugar Daddy: Ring De Bell - Feat. Brother Resistance (Edit Radio / Dub Version,Sticker Cover)FRASony - Blooper5099767466667New (not sealed)1,692,22205070751de uk fr
12"Sugar Daddy: Sweet Soca Music - The Massive Soca Music (Ext. & Original Mix, Sticker Cover)FRASony - Blooper5099767370582New (not sealed)1,491,941905070765de uk fr
12"Tash: Nightfall (x3) / G's Iz G's (x3, Feat. Kurupt, Promo, FLC)USALoud RecordsRPROLP4339New1,992,592505079800
12"The-Dream: Shawty Is Da Shit! (x6, Promo, FLC)Def Jam0602517757806New (not sealed)2,493,253205257359us de uk fr
12"Three 6 Mafia: Testin My Gangsta / Ridin Spinners (NC)USAColumbiaXSS79953New (not sealed)2,493,253205257686
12"Tribe Called Quest, A (A Tribe Called Quest): After Hours (Vs. Sir Piers, Feat. Monique Bingham, x3, Incl. Main Mix)
Sir Piers & Frank White Mixes
UKA Tribe Called QuestKOS02New (not sealed)1,992,592505049968
LP x 2Violator: THE ALBUM V2.0Sony696998579019New (sealed)3,494,554505031332
12"Xzibit: Front 2 Back (x3 Incl. Instrumental > Double A Side !, FLC)USALoud RecordsRPROLP4504New (not sealed)2,493,253205105361
Hip Hop / Rap (French
LP x 2 HIP-HOP / R&B (FRENCH) Compilation: Don't Sleep 2 - L'Album (FOC)EUR5099751266310New (not sealed)2,493,253205031459de uk fr
LP x 2 HIP-HOP / R&B (FRENCH) Compilation: Joeystarr Presente: BOSS Of Scandalz Strategyz (2LP)
Mass, Fatcap, Sniper, Serum, Lord Kossity, Nefateri..
FRA5099749432819New (sealed)5,497,167105046266de uk fr
12" HIP-HOP / R&B (FRENCH) Compilation: Original Bombattack - Maxi Volume 2FRABMG France0743218357817New (sealed)2,493,253205051467de uk fr
12"2 Doigts: Manuscript (x3) / Jungle Urbaine (x3)62Sony5099767066867New (not sealed)2,493,253205070452de uk fr
LP x 2Afrodiziac: Ad Vitam AeternamFRA5099750331903New (sealed)3,995,25105031423de uk fr
LP x 2Afrodiziac: Ad Vitam AeternamFRA5099750331903New (cover not perfect)2,993,93805032495de uk fr
LP x 3Bams: Vivre Ou Mourir (3LP)
Feat. Sinistre...
FRATREMA3296633107743New (sealed)4,996,516405045090de uk fr
12"Daddy Mory: Ambiance (Mix Christian Lieu / Instrumental / A Capella)FRABMG0743219567413New (sealed)2,493,253205070753de uk fr
LP x 3DADOO: France History X Part 1 (3LP)FRASony - Music5099751110415New (sealed)7,9910,4210305046262de uk fr
LP x 2Dragon, Ali: Le Dernier CriFRA3259130151114New (sealed)4,996,516405031455de uk fr
12"FONKY FAMILY: 2 - Maxis Hors Serie (2x Instrumentals + 2x Accapella)FRASony5099767097960New (not sealed)2,493,253205070463de uk fr
12"Gomes & Tavares: Les Ripoux - Remix Edition (Akh / Crydamour / Kilomaitre, Incl. Instr.)
Sticker Cover
BMG0743218764110New (sealed)2,493,253205104862de uk fr
LP x 3Larage, Faf: C'Est Ma Cause (3LP)USAKif Kif5033197069111New (sealed)4,996,516405046264de uk fr
LPNakk (French): Debut EP (6 Tracks)FRABMG0743219255815New (sealed)1,992,592505046271de uk fr
12"Nakk / L' Skadrille (French): Original Bombattak Maxi Volume 03 (6 Tracks)FRAOriginal Bombattak Records0743218357916New (sealed)2,493,253205256909de fr
LP x 2Passi: Genese EUR5033197136110New (sealed)3,995,25105031328us de uk fr
12"Sniper (French): Grave Dans La Roche (x2+1, Incl. Instrumental, Promo, STC)FRADesh MusiquePRO4070New (not sealed)1,992,592505256911
LP x 2Tony (T.N.T.): Flexible Comme Le RoseauGER0809274677013New (sealed)2,993,93805031430de uk fr
12"Tony (T.N.T.): Une Gouitte Suffit (x1+4, DJ Copy)
A1) Une Gouitte Suffit / A2) Flexible Comme Le Roseau / A3) Mytho Myto / B1) On Dit Quoi / B2) Rap
FRAEast West PROC95480New (not sealed)1,692,22205051353
Hip-Hop/Rap (German)
12"Baggefudda: Baggefudda EP
Feat. Manges
GERKehlkopf6619561807054New (not sealed)1,692,22201303446us de uk fr
LP x 2DJ Tomekk: Beat Of Life Vol. 1 (2LP)
Perverted Monks, Afura, Kurupt, Ice-T, Beatnuts...
EURBMG - Ariola74321898651New (not sealed)3,995,25105044828de uk fr
12"Fast H & Winster: Primadonna (6 Versions, Gold Vinyl )GERBock Auf'n Beat0661956940118New2,493,253201300090de uk fr
LP x 2Germ: BewußtseinBrothers Keepers / BMG0743218840814New (sealed)4,996,516405081748de uk fr
12"Kebap Der Don: Wir Komm Zu Party (x4, Incl. Harris Mix) / Game Bwoy (FLC)GERHood MusicNPR005New (sealed)1,291,681605261184
12"Melendiz: Fuck You All (Original Version / Instrumental / A CapellaGERWestcoast StudiosB40199901New (not sealed)2,493,253205054476
12"Setlur, Sabrina: Ich Bin So - The Wackside Remixes (x3)GERBRICKHOUSE RECORDS4260014390191New (not sealed)1,692,22205167276de uk fr
12"Twisted (Hip Hop): Sprache Der StrasseGEREimsbush4018939105242New (sealed)1,792,332305147196us de uk fr
12"3 OUNCES OF LOVE: DOUBLE CROSS (x4, NC,)USADEAD LINE0733086390016New (sealed)1,992,592501387153
12"Alexanda, Cristian: Misunderstood (x4+ Sei It Off, Incl. Blacksmith Remix, Promo)USALegit MusicNew (not sealed)1,992,592505046225
12"B2K: BUMP BUMP BUMP (X4 Feat. P Diddy)EUR5099767349366New (not sealed)1,491,941905027329de uk fr
12"Beyonce: Crazy In Love (x2, Feat. Jay-Z)FRASonySAMPMS130926New (not sealed)1,992,592505258540
Feat. Jay -Z, Big Boi, Sleepy Brown, Sean Paul, Missy Elliott, Luther Vandross..
EUR5099750939512New (not sealed)10,9914,3314201432635us de uk fr
12"Blige, Mary J. (Mary J Blige): Not Today (Feat. Eve) (x1+2, PC)UKGeffen0602498145623New (sealed)2,493,253205044382us de uk fr
12"Blige, Mary J. (Mary J Blige): Work That (x5, Promo, STC, Feat. Busta Rhymes)USAGeffenGEFR123291New (not sealed)1,792,332305257332
LP x 2Brandy: Full Moon (2LP)
EURAtlantic0075679311016New (cover not perfect)3,995,25105032491de uk fr
12"Brandy: What About Us (4, Incl. Instrumental & Acapella, DJ Copy)AtlanticPR02958New (not sealed)1,992,592505051361
12"Braxtons, The: Slow Flow (x2+2 incl. 1 Non Lp Bonus Track)USA0075678542305New1,491,941900187794us de uk fr
12"Camilla (R&B): Don't Hold Back (x6, STC, Feat. Erick Sermon)USADIPLOMATS RECORDSACMT002New (not sealed)1,992,592505257739
12"COLE, KEYSHIA: I Should Have Cheated - Dance Mixes (x4, Promo)USAA & MAMRR115831New1,792,332301311913de uk fr
12"Costa, Nikka: Like A Feather (x2+1 Live Track)UK0724389761665New1,792,332300290093us de uk fr
12"Freddy Yo-Yo: Naughty Vs. Nasty (x4, Promo)USAWho ? RecordsWH004New (sealed)1,491,941905045944
12"Green, Vivian: GOTTA GO GOTTA LEAVE (X4, Incl. Junior Vasquez & Richard Morell Mixes)Sony0098707289811New (sealed)1,692,22201311883
LP x 2Kelly, R. (R Kelly): Chocolate Factory (2 LP Set)EURJive0828765472913New (sealed)3,995,25105044381us de uk fr
12"Kelly, R. (R Kelly): I Wish - Remix [To The Homies That We Lost] (x2, Uncensored Version + LP Vers.)EURJive - Zomba0638592515802New (sealed)1,992,592505051441de uk fr
12"Knight, Beverley: Gold (x3, incl. Bump & Flex Mix)UK0724355098368New1,491,941900290130us de uk fr
12"Lemar: Dance (With U) (x4, incl. Kardinal Beats "Live" Mix)UK5099767413265New (not sealed)2,993,93800295721us de uk fr
LP x 2Lopes, Lisa 'Left Eye': SUPERNOVAEURArista0078221467315New (sealed)4,996,516405042221
12"MAJIC MASSEY: Devil's Advocate (Radio / Instrumental / Main / Acapella, FLC, Promo)USAStreet Records CorporationUNIR215941New (not sealed)1,792,332305045939de uk fr
12" x 2Mumba, Samantha: Baby Come On Over (Promo, x6, Incl. K-Klass Mixes)PolydorNew (not sealed)2,493,253205204236
12"SCHERZINGER, NICOLE: Whatever U Like (x5, Promo, PC, Feat. T.I.)USAInterscopeINTR122251New (not sealed)1,792,332306125259
LP x 2SHAREEFA: POINT OF NO RETURNUSADef Jam0602517028371New (not sealed)3,995,25105187997
12"Thomas, Carl: Do My Thing (x3) / Alfonso Hunter: Girlfriend (x3)FRA5099766922560New (not sealed)1,992,592505031444us de uk fr
12"Tweet: Oops(Oh My) (x7) (Feat. Missy Elliott)GER0075596730501New (sealed)1,792,332301348620de uk fr
12" Picture RAGGA / DUB / DANCEHALL Compilation: Booty Summer 07 (Lim:Ed. 6 Track 12 Inch Picture, 500 Copies)GERFon-Ky0090204892099New (not sealed)2,993,93805323611us de uk fr
7"Fyah, Lutan / Country Culture: Whitewash Walls / Make Poverty HistoryUKBLOOD & FIRE783564700813New (not sealed)0,991,291206697687de uk fr
12"Jagger & Jah Yut: Bustin' Up Di Dancehall (+ Instrumental Version + Remix / Acapella & Instr. RX)GERDanger LeaguePR218238New (sealed)2,493,253205057934
12"Marathonians: Look In The Mirror - Remixes By Play Paul & Luigee Trademarq (FLC)SuperfruitPR03103New (not sealed)1,692,22205051417
12"Marathonians: Look In The Mirror - Remixes By Play Paul & Luigee Trademarq (Picture Sleeve)
Equestrian / Bream / Drain Settler / Germination / Watchtower
EUR0809274571502New (sealed)1,491,941905031357de uk fr
12"MS. THING: JUMP UP & RAIL (x3+2, Feat. Beenie Man & Switch, PC)UKSEQUENCE617465802768New (not sealed)1,992,592506743454us de uk fr
7"ROMEO, MAX: Give Praises / Live Good Day (Prince Jazzbo) (NC)UK783564700417New (not sealed)1,692,22206697900de uk fr
7"TWO CULTURE CLASH: How Do You Love / BrokenUKWALL OF SOUND UK5028589020771New (not sealed)0,991,291206697688us de uk fr
7"Madness: NW5 (Video + 3 Live Tracks, DVD In 7Inch Sleeve)
DVD In 7Inch Sleeve
UKLucky Seven5060065582243New (not sealed)1,291,681606803432us de uk fr
7"Madness: NW5 (x3+1, CD In 7Inch Cover)UKLucky Seven5060065582236New (not sealed)1,291,681606697674us de uk fr
7"Madness: NW5 / Bittersweet
Comes In Plastic Sleeve Which Is Sealed By A Sticker
UKLucky Seven5060065582229New (sealed)1,992,592506715984us de uk fr
Soul / Funk
7"Baker, Arthur: Glow (Feat. Tim Wheeler, x2)UK876945000685New (not sealed)1,692,22206782707us de uk fr
12"Baker, Arthur: Glow (Feat. Tim Wheeler, x3, Incl. Darren Emerson Remix)
A) Darren Emerson Remix / B1) Jagz Kooner 12 Inch Version / B2) Si Begg Remix
UKUnderwater0876945000661New (not sealed)1,992,592505063812us de uk fr
LPByrd, Bobby: On The MoveGERSoulciety4015434001819New2,493,253201175082de uk fr
12"Collins, Bootsy: Play With Bootsy (Feat. Kelli Ali, x2, PC, Promo)EastwestPROC95494New (sealed)1,291,681605256840
12"Collins, Bootsy: Play With Bootsy (Feat. Kelli Ali, x4, Incl. Alex Gopher Mix, Promo, NC)B266099-01New (not sealed)0,991,291205160096
12"Dempo, Willis: Money Maker (x2) / I Like This (x2) / Sugar Boom (x2)USAIce Cold RecordsICR0087New (sealed)2,493,253201287603
12"Double Exposure: Ten Percent (Remixes By Masters At Work...)USADouble J Rec.0748061557711New (sealed)2,993,93801305983us de uk fr
12"Gap Band, The: I'm Ready (If You're Ready) LONG VERSION (Double A-Side Promo, STC)USATotal Experience RecordsTED707New (not sealed)1,792,332301310707
12"Gap Band, The: Zibble Zibble (x3)USATotal Experience Records27051TDNew (not sealed)1,491,941900287670
12"Gap Band, The: Zibble Zibble (x3)USATotal Experience Records27051TDNew (sealed)1,491,941901310699
12"Garrett, Siedah: Curves (Remix) / Long As We Believe (FLC)USAQwest020342New (not sealed)1,491,941901255365
12"Human Body, The: Love T.K.O. / FreedomGERSoulciety4015434001710New1,491,941901175077de uk fr
LPHuman Body, The: Truth Be KnownGERSoulciety4015434001215New1,992,592501175081de uk fr
12"Livin Out Loud: Where's The Love (x5, Incl. Original Urban Mix)USAKin ProductionsLIVIN0041TNew (sealed)1,792,332305048944
12"Mario ( R'n'B): Just A Friend 2002 (x3, Incl. Instrumental, NC)USAJ RecordsJ1PV211501New (not sealed)2,493,253205109569
12"Material: Time Out (x2, Extended 5:50 + Dub 6:32)FRACelluloidCEL336004New (cover not perfect)2,493,253205061967
12"Seven, Marlin: The Scne (Extended Mix / Radio Mix) FLCUSASheikSRD815New (sealed)2,993,93801307150de uk fr
12"Stray (Soul): Musick / Rare (STC)UKLITTLE LEAGUE5050693154868New (not sealed)2,493,253206730781us de uk fr
12"Weather Girls, The: Your Love (Mixes By Jamie Lewis & Wackside. StCo)GERBrickhouse4260014390115New (not sealed)1,992,592505167572us de uk fr